the life of a HOP watchman: a sept/oct update.

As we approached the Fall Feasts in September, the weather turned cooler, the Big House swelled fuller, and we launched into the busiest season at the House of Prayer.

Our days were long- typically around 15-hour work days- and we didn’t always get to do our 2-hour watches. Michael focused on North America coordinating, registering his delegates, preparing for the online portion of the Convocation, and helping with media and technology. I dove into the deep end of registration and rooming which meant a lot of organization, ensuring that we had accurate information on all of our delegates and groups, and making sure all 1,500+ delegates had a room and bus assignment for the All Nations Convocation Jerusalem and the 3-day Prayer Tour that immediately followed the Convocation. The days only (somehow) got longer and busier during the 2 weeks of ANCJ, so unfortunately, I did not get to see a lot of the events that took place.

On October 9th- the conclusion of the Prayer Tour- delegates and volunteers started leaving to go back to their nations while our harp students started arriving at the Big House. The House of Prayer’s Harp & Bowl Watchman School began on October 10th, and Michael and I participated in this as well. This was another 2-week investment and while we had less administrative-type tasks, we had other responsibilities that came with being both students and staff.

During that time, Michael was continuing to help with media from the Convocation and remained in communication with delegates who had chosen to stay in the country longer. We still had staff duties such as cooking, cleaning, and wrapping up things from the Convocation on top of our student responsibilities of reading, completing homework, practicing the harp, and attending multiple classes a day. We participated in the Jaffa Gate (4-6pm our time) with the students each day.

Although it was a bit challenging to engage as a student immediately following an event as large as ANCJ, we still learned a lot about worshiping with the harp, music theory, how to teach music better, intercession, and God’s heart for the end times. We graduated on October 21st and followed the Spirit into a time of learning to rest again and process all that the last 2.5 months held for us.

We have now met our 3-month mark of being here in Jerusalem, and our day-to-day life now looks more like a “watchman.” Our House of Prayer staff uses this term to mean someone who spends time in worship, prayer, and the Word to host the presence of God and partner with Him to intercede for the nations. Watchmen within the HOP network (Jerusalem, Eilat, Golan Heights, and Brooklyn, NY) will take at least a 2-hour watch, although many of their houses of prayer actually have 6-hour watches since they have less staff. In this season, Michael and I have 4-6 hours in the prayer tower every day. We welcome groups from the nations to the Big House, show them around, and impart God’s heart for prayer, worship, Israel, and the nations. We’re also finalizing the financial and media aspects of the Convocation to officially wrap up this year’s event and begin preparations for the next one.

Typically our 4-6 hours will still be around the Jaffa Gate watch, but it will vary a little bit to spread the night watches out among the staff. Yesterday, we had a 12-midnight to 6 AM watch and then we slept until about 11 AM. Today we have a shift from 2-6 PM, so our 4 hours include our normal Jaffa Gate watch. Our other work duties (media for Michael, helping with finances for me) are completed around our watches. We keep our hours to about 8.5 of watch/work time a day, and then we get the chance to explore Jerusalem. Our day off is switching from Sunday to Tuesday this week, and we will be praying for the elections at another House of Prayer on the 8th and then following the Holy Spirit from there!

We are excited to regain some lifestyle rhythms, finish the blog and vlog about our experience at Yad Vashem, pick up the daily prayer alerts via our private Facebook group Praying with the Stevens, and continue keeping you all posted with what the Lord is doing here in Jerusalem!

Thank you all for your diligent financial, spiritual, and affirmational support through this season of us almost (seemingly) falling off the map. I did not realize the extent that these events were going to require of us and have already started brainstorming ways to do things differently next year in an effort to stay connected better even in the busy times! We so appreciate all of the messages of prayers and encouragement throughout the last month and a half- it was greatly needed. We are so, so grateful for you all and are praying that you and your families are blessed with peace, joy, practical breakthroughs, and the intimate presence of God in your midst.

Love you all, Michael and Caitlyn.


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  • For strength and grace as we continue to engage in JHOPFAN life here on the Mount of Olives
  • For us to learn how to serve and love well in our current roles

3 responses to “the life of a HOP watchman: a sept/oct update.”

  1. Michael and Caitlyn, so good to get an email from you today and to hear how well things are going. Sounds like you’re working pretty hard, putting in a lot of hours but what a blessing as you minister to the Israeli people there. Praise God for the baptisms and new converts!!! Will keep you in prayer and send more pictures when you can okay?
    Love, blessings, and prayers,
    Darlene Malone


  2. So good to hear from you guys! Praise God for sustaining you, that sounds wild! So glad you are getting more time to rest now. Love you!


  3. So glad you’re back! You have contributed immeasurably to what the Lord is doing there. I sense that He is so pleased with your heart of service and love for His people. Praying for you as you lean into Him in this new season at JHOPFAN. Your sacrifice is a sweet smelling aroma before the Lord. Love you both so much!


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