Who We Are

We, the Stevens, are worshippers and storytellers in pursuit of the One who is worth it all. We are people who trust God: our Father, our Friend, and Leader. Our love is an intentional, everyday choice that we delight in, remembering the honor of holding each other’s hearts. We find and cultivate family in the Presence of the Lord. We steward a House of Freedom wherever we go, whatever our physical address may be. Honesty, Authenticity, and Gratitude are priorities in our home. In this culture of Love, we worship and tell the testimony of Jesus as we rest in the excellence of the Lord. We pursue goodness, truth, and beauty in the image of the One who Is.

He alone is worth it all.


A creative at heart with a deep calling to pursue and create all things good, true, and beautiful. A lover of stargazer lilies, the color blue, Michael Stevens, the taste of coffee, and the key of Ab. Daughter of a perfect Father, lover of Jesus, and friend of Holy Spirit. She is overjoyed at the invitation to pursue Him in the land He chose to walk in among the people He chose to call family. She desires to see people connect with God in real authenticity and perfect freedom- often through music, writing, and art.


A worshipper at heart with an undeniable calling to minister to the heart of the Lord. His favorite thing is to love God and watch as the Holy Spirit responds by encountering people with His presence and love. He also loves the color green, Caitlyn Stevens, basketball, and anything by John Mark Pantana. He is excited to embark on this journey to Israel and partner with Holy Spirit’s cry of “Maranatha!” His ministry is loving the Lord and sharing this revelation with others.

It was as if God was just waiting for us to ask about Israel; things fell into place so quickly.

  • New Year’s 2022 // Maranatha Conference in Dallas, “God align our hearts with your desires for Israel.”

  • January 2022 // invitation to Israel.

    (a week and a half after we prayed in Dallas)

  • February 2022 // first trip to Israel!

    (met Tom & Kate Hess, visited JHOPFAN)

  • March 2022

    // prayed, received counsel & confirmation.

    // completed staff applications and JHOP confirmed.

  • April 2022

    // started fundraising and speaking at churches.

    // sold our car!

    // second trip to Israel!

  • May 2022

    // continued fundraising and speaking at churches.

    // both of us graduated college!

  • June 2022

    // renters moved into the house!

    // Caitlyn finished work and started focusing fully on the Worship Internship at a local Bible Camp.

    // house projects, packing, and final preparations.

    // we got our visas!

  • July 2022

    // Michael finished work this month

    // we spent a lot of time at the Bible Camp training the next worship team and Leads.

    // house projects, packing, and final preparations.

    // said our goodbyes in Idaho.

    // headed to the East Coast to see Caitlyn’s family!

  • August 2022

    // Arrived in Israel around 1am on the 2nd.

    // We’ve begun life in Israel serving JHOP and are excited to welcome people to Jerusalem in September!