august 2022: our first month in Israel!

Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel! (It’s still a little wild we get to say that.)

We are wrapping up our first month in Israel, and we have learned so much! From new schedules, community life, House of Prayer (HOP) rhythms, and ANCJ prep to Hebrew phrases, Arabic phrases, getting around Israel, and the history of this nation- It has been a lot, but we’re sustained by God’s grace and the counsel of the Holy Spirit which has been beautiful.

We are in full-swing preparations for the All Nations Convocation Jerusalem (ANCJ) which means coordinating, lots of emails, lots of phone calls, sharing the vision of JHOP, taking registrations, and helping find airline tickets. Michael has been helping to organize and streamline some processes and technology here. He also helps with the media and creating short videos to help them advertise the Convocation. Caitlyn has been doing content writing for some of these ads, transcription work, and cooking lunch once a week for staff. She will be taking on a more involved role with the registration process as the Convocation gets closer (it’s this month!!) and will also help in the editing process of some of the Hess’ new books. In addition to these tasks, we have half-an-hour of corporate prayer meetings and our own two-hour watch daily. There are plenty of coordinator meetings and training throughout our days as well.

We have one day off a week (Sundays) that we use to go see more of Israel. So far, we have visited the City of David National Park, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Temple Mount, and Yad Vashem. We have blogs and vlogs up about the first 3 places, and we’re working on the Yad Vashem stories. (The theme and history of antisemitism is a complex and tough topic to cover, so it’s taking more time, research, and conversations.)

Our journey is just beginning, but we wanted to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful supporters! We would not be in Israel right now without this external support! Our desire has been to have a large network of people supporting us in prayer and donations, and we have been so blessed in both areas. We are so grateful for all who have already financially and prayerfully supported us over the last few months!

We needed $15,000 for an initial deposit (covers the first six months) which we raised and sent to JHOPFAN to confirm our place as staff before we left. Moving forward, we will need $2,800 in monthly support. We currently have $2,551 in monthly support which means that we need $249 still to be fully funded each month. We are praising God for how quickly so many things have lined up and believing that the remaining monthly supporters will come! We are so touched by the generosity of all the family, friends, church communities, and even strangers who have given to us and committed to praying for us. If you are still wanting to contribute, the best way to give financially is through a one-time or monthly donation. You can give through our website,, through, PayPal, Zelle, or the WordPress donation box. is our preferred, and only tax-deductible, method. 

Thank you again for partnering with us in this adventure! We know it is a sacrifice to support us financially, and we want you to know how much we truly appreciate it. We also want to be clear that your prayerful support means much more to us than any donation. We keep our prayer page on our website updated, as well as posting daily on our Facebook group “Praying with the Stevens.” If you aren’t in that group yet, and you’d like to be, please request to be added to the group or send us an email asking us to add you. We’d also love to invite you to follow our blog and social media profiles for all our ministry updates and stories! We are so grateful for our team of prayer warriors, generous givers, and Kingdom family! Thanks for being a part of it! 

With Love and Shalom, Michael + Caitlyn Stevens


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Caitlyn’s IG: caitlyn.e.s         Michael’s IG: mr.michael.stevens 

Caitlyn’s FB: mrs.caitlyn.e.s        Michael’s FB: mr.michael.stevens


  • For strength and grace as we continue to engage in community life here in Jerusalem.
  • For us to learn quickly, adapt, and love well in our positions as watchmen and North American Coordinators for ANCJ.
  • Financial Goal: gain 25 more supporters who give $10 a month

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