april 2022: full steam ahead.

Dear Friends and Family,

We want to welcome May by recording what the Lord did in April, and we want to share it with you!

We were a little quiet on social media toward the beginning of April, because we started the month with a two-week hustle to try to get all of our college work done before our Israel trip. Michael and I have only one assignment each now to complete in our entire degrees! We’re expecting to get this done soon and graduate this month.

In addition to work and college assignments, we spent a lot of the first part of April in meetings and preparation for the Israel trip we took with the Bridge Gospel Academy. Our February trip with Mike was part of preparations for this trip, so we were excited to go again and take the students (and Timmie!) with us! We left on April 18th, returned on April 28th, and saw the Lord over and over again the entire time. We were able to show them all of our favorite places, including the Jerusalem House of Prayer. It was a surreal experience to visit Israel again knowing that we would soon return to live there! (Caitlyn is currently writing a blog post solely dedicated to sharing about this trip, so look out for that!)

When we returned stateside, we were honored to worship with the students one more time at their graduation ceremony. “I don’t want to brag,” Michael started, “but I worshiped with these guys on the Mount of Olives!” We made many great memories in Israel, but we made a very special one worshipping together, singing praises to Jesus at the top of our lungs at their graduation. I couldn’t help but smile as I recognized the same voices I heard on the Mount of Olives sing out in the chapel at ALACCA. No matter where we are, our wholehearted worship is the same and I know they will carry that into their next seasons of life.

We wrapped up April happy, jetlagged, and moving full-steam ahead as we continued with a music practice for a wedding of some dear friends, Michael DJing prom at our local high school, and our Movie Matinee Fundraiser. We showed “I Can Only Imagine” at the Blue Fox on Sunday, and we are so grateful for all who came and supported us!

Our move to Israel would not be possible without external support. It’s our great desire that we would have a large network of people supporting us in prayer and donations. We have started fundraising and are so grateful for all who have already financially and prayerfully supported us!

We need $15,000 for an initial deposit (covers the first six months) and then $2,500 (which covers both of us!) in monthly support after that. We currently have $280 in monthly supporters and $5,000 toward our initial deposit! If 222 people gave just $10 a month, we’d be covered on our monthly staff fees! So we are praying for the remaining monthly supporters to come as well as working toward building the funds for our initial deposit.

The best way to contribute financially is through a one-time or monthly donation. You can give through our website, stevenstotheone.com, through Tithe.ly, PayPal, Zelle, or the WordPress donation box. Tithe.ly is our preferred, and only tax-deductible, method. We will also be hosting a couple fundraising events this month! The Raffle is still going until May 28th. (Every $10 donated will be a raffle ticket entry.) The winner will be drawn at our upcoming Community Yard Sale – Saturday, May 28th (from 8a-7p) and will win a gift basket of goodies hand-picked by us. If you have items you’d like to donate to the sale, we are now accepting those donations so please contact us! All proceeds from these events will go towards our fundraising goals. If you would like to be involved in any of these events, please contact us via one of the platforms listed at the end of this letter!

Thank you in advance for partnering with us in this adventure! We know it is a sacrifice to support us financially, and we want you to know how much we truly appreciate it. We also want to be clear that your prayerful support means much more to us than any donation. We’d also love to invite you to follow our blog and social media profiles for all our updates and stories! We are so grateful for our team of prayer warriors, generous givers, and Kingdom family! Thanks for being a part of it! 

With Love and Shalom, Michael + Caitlyn Stevens


Blog: stevenstotheone.com/blog           Email: stevenstotheone@gmail.com

Caitlyn’s Instagram: caitlyn.e.s         Michael’s Instagram: mr.michael.stevens 

Caitlyn’s FB: mrs.caitlyn.e.s       Michael’s FB: mr.michael.stevens

Prayer Requests

  • For strength and grace as we continue to work full-time, finish our school work, and help plant praying communities in our area
  • Prayer Team Goal: gain 2 more dedicated prayer warriors!
  • Financial Goal: gain 222 more supporters who give $10 a month
  • Financial Goal: raising the remaining $10,000 of our initial deposit

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